Preveli Rooms Crete

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Preveli Crete Rooms & Apartments consists of 7 double rooms with private balconies.

The complex is surrounded by the gardens with the vegetables of Mrs. Amalia that are used for the dishes that you will taste in the restaurant of the accommodation at a distance of only 50 meters.

A road of about 400 meters leads to the pristine beach of Preveli Crete, passing parallel to the homonymous forest with its rich fauna and flora. The rich and at the same time untouched nature will impress you and it is really worth walking in the national forest and enjoying the cold waters of the river, the incredible beauty of the special trees but also to find the geese and ducks that visit us every summer.

Respecting the natural environment and the climate of the area, with basic materials stone and wood, we built our complex in a unique location, trying not to disturb the natural and enchanting landscape.

We wish you the best vacation and we will be by your side to ensure it!



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